Homelessness is an issue that affects everyone.  Central Florida holds over 83,000 homeless people, and we believe that every individual and family that can break free from the strongholds of homelessness has a direct impact to the quality of life in our communities and our local economy.  All people enduring homelessness may have gotten there due to very different circumstances. Over 63,000 Florida-based students are currently homeless. Approximately 450,000 families in our region are living in extreme poverty and are one paycheck away from losing their homes. Also, a death or an accident in the family, mental or physical illness, and drugs and abuse, are some of the reasons that can place anyone under an unfortunate situation.

Our Mission:

Provide resources and programs to improve the quality of life in Central Florida's community through advocacy, guidance, and empowerment.


How do we make an Impact in the Community? 

Through our history we've supporter the community with food distributions while partnering with the Orange County Public School System and local pioneering non for profit organizations. to serve meals, complement basic necessities and extend education.