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Feed & Fortify was founded in 2011, it is a Central Florida based organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and families who are homeless or in transitional situations, by way of uplifting their bodies, minds and spirits as an integrated process of self-help through the principles of love, faith, service and purpose.

The organization’s vision is to enhance the future of our communities in Central Florida through a solid foundation of life; primarily provides real solutions, tools and resources for each individual that we serve. We develop life skills orientation programs to restore emotions, talents and vocational training that will allow them to make a life changing.

To date, Feed & Fortify’s three master key programs;


* Service for the Heart,

* Commitment or Achieving a Creative Hope(C.O.A.C.H.), and

* Together Everyone can Achieve More (T.E.A.M.)

have rendered remarkable results. In the past six years, over 16,000 hot meals have been served, 750 families have received clothing and basic needs items that have been donated to us, and we were able to provide 67 families with transitional home assistance thanks to the help of our partner organizations and volunteers.  We have clearly made an impact on eradicating hopelessness but there is so much more that needs to be done.

Homelessness is an issue that affects everyone.  Central Florida holds over 83,000 homeless people, and we believe that every individual and family that can break free from the strongholds of homelessness has a direct impact to the quality of life in our communities and our local economy.  All people enduring homelessness may have gotten there due to very different circumstances. Over 63,000 Florida-based students are currently homeless. Approximately 450,000 families in our region are living in extreme poverty and are one paycheck away from losing their homes. Also, a death or an accident in the family, mental or physical illness, and drugs and abuse, are some of the reasons that can place anyone under an unfortunate situation.

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